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two things:

1) I can’t wait to see my lover on Friday, push him aggressively down into a chair, unbutton his fly, and take him without mercy, after which he will take control of me, grab me by a handful of my hair, and play me like a goddamn musical instrument (not sure what kind: bassoon? violin? banjo? theramin? whatever, this is an instrument that makes uncontrollable breathy girlish mewling sounds. maybe we should compete on Australia’s Got Talent)

2) remember that time when I was told to keep my “slightly overweight body” off the internet? well it’s baaaaack. I feel like a goddess in my new Honey Birdette lingerie and I ate Mexican chocolate cake for breakfast. I can only hope that person is 1/20th as sexually fulfilled as I am at the moment, and being kinder to themselves and others. good sex makes the world a better place.

Good gods, what a lovely outfit, on an absolutely delectable body!

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I will!!!    - yours mypornblog4u

I would never deny her what she craves…

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Like a lollipop.


Like a lollipop.

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Untitled by bodyscape2

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That’s naughty. I like it.


That’s naughty. I like it.

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